Please read this carefully. It is our expectation that everyone who attends the conference this year will abide by all of these guidelines.

Guidelines and Precautions for COVID-19

  • We are not requiring vaccinations in order to attend the conference
  • We are not requiring a recent COVID test before attending
  • We are requiring all attendees to wear masks when indoors and when congregating outside less than 6 ft apart (e.g., waiting in line). The only exceptions will be:
    • Infants and toddlers under 2 years old
    • Our conference speakers / translators during messages
    • When actively engaged in outdoor sports activities
    • When we are seated at a table during meals
  • We will all try to maintain 3 ft of distancing in classes, meetings, and while socializing as much as possible
Please do not attend the conference in-person if any of the following is true:
  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms during the week leading up to the conference
  • If you have been in contact with anyone in the 2 weeks prior to the conference who has tested positive for COVID-19 during that time

Guidelines and Precautions for Children’s Classes and Nursery

  • High-touch surfaces in the classrooms will be sanitized at least once a day
  • Classrooms will be arranged to accommodate social distancing guidelines of 3ft between students
  • Masks for children 2 years and older (and for all adults) are required in the classrooms at all times (except during snacks)
  • During snack time, children will be required to stay seated and socially distanced
  • Please make sure your child's mask is well-fitting and that they are able to keep his/her mouth and nose covered

Guidelines and Precautions for On-site Meals

  • There will be designated seating arrangements for each meal
  • You will be asked to sit at the same table for the duration of the conference
  • Meals will be served in individualized plates
  • Pre-packaged condiments will be used
  • Outdoor option will be provided

If you cannot attend in person, please contact us so we can switch your registration from in-person to on-line.